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Concerning Protection of Personal Information

Concerning Collection and Utilization of Retained Personal Data and Personal Information

  1. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (the "Company") shall use personal information to fulfill contracts or transactions, to send information which is deemed by the Company useful and beneficent to customers such as introduction of products or services offered by the Company, etc. and to research market situation within the scope that is necessary for achievement of the business-related purposes listed below:
    1. to acquire, own, dispose of and lease real property;
    2. to manage and use real property;
    3. to sell and purchase real property, to broker such sale and purchase and to appraise real property;
    4. to develop, recovery and sell land for residences, industry or other purposes;
    5. to construct and sell residences;
    6. to dredge and reclaim harbors, rivers and others;
    7. to design, perform, supervise and manage works, and to ensure completion of works;
    8. to own, lease and manage hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities, distribution facilities and private retirement home;
    9. to manage parking lots;
    10. to manage cableway business;
    11. to engage in business under Fudousan-tokutei-kyoudou-jigyou-hou (Specified Joint Venture for Real Property Law);
    12. to conduct affairs relating to offer of life insurance, and to act as agent relating to non-life insurance and insurance under Jidousha-songai-baishou-hoshou-hou (Automobile Liability Security Law);
    13. to lend money on or without real property mortgage;
    14. to invest in special purpose companies (tokutei-mokuteki-gaisha), specified purpose companies (tokubetsu-mokuteki-gaisha; companies provided in zaimushohyou-tou-no-yougo-youshiki-oyobi-sakuseihouhou-nikansuru-kisoku (Regulations concerning Terminology, Forms and Methods of Preparation of Financial Statements, etc.)) and real estate investment trusts, and to sell and purchase, broker, and manage the equity interests acquired by the investment;
    15. to hold, sell and purchase, broker, and manage securities and loans;
    16. to provide investment advisory services relating to real property, securities and other financial assets;
    17. to grow, sell and purchase, and manage markets of, flowers, seeds and seedlings, vegetables, fruit, and others;
    18. to raise dairy cattle and other livestock, and to process, store, sell and purchase products therefrom;
    19. to sell clothing, convenience goods, tobacco products, stamps, postage stamps, and food and beverages;
    20. sell and buy, broker, and import and export materials for civil engineering and construction and products relating to any of the foregoing;
    21. to perform shitei-kyotaku-kaigo-shien-jigyou (designated home care assistance services) and lend fukushi-yougu (welfare equipment) under kaigo-hoken-hou (Long-term Care Insurance Law) ;
    22. to sell kyotaku-kaigo-fukushi-yougu (home care welfare equipment); and
    23. to engage in other businesses incidental or relating to any of the foregoing.
  2. To send information on products or services which have relation to the businesses of the Company listed in the precedent paragraph and which are offered by the Company's group companies (the Company's consolidated subsidiaries described in securities report, etc.).
  3. To provide personal information to third parties within the scope that is necessary for achievement of the purposes listed in the paragraph 1 and the paragraph 2 above.

    In addition, if purpose of utilization of private information is more specified separately than in the paragraph 1, notwithstanding provisions above, the Company shall use personal information pursuant to such specified purpose. For more detailed information, please read the pages of each business.

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Provision to third parties

  1. The Company, in addition to based on the provisions of applicable laws, may provide customer's personal information to third parties such as it's group companies, affiliated entities within the scope that is necessary for achievement of the purpose described in the paragraph 3 of " Concerning Collection and Utilization of Retained Personal Data and Personal Information".
  2. The Company may provide to third parties personal information to the extent which is necessary to conduct each business such as name, home address, telephone number, etc.
  3. In case that the Company provides personal information to third parties, customer's personal information shall be provided, with proper care for safety, via paper, mailing, telephone, facsimile, electronic mail or electronic media, etc. If personal information is provided via electronic media, such information shall be encrypted.
  4. Customer shall be able to request the Company to refrain from providing personal information to third parties. In this case, please contact each customer information desk for personal information.

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Concerning Cookies

The Company's website, in parts, uses information called " cookies " in order to offer its services to customer.
Main purpose of using cookies is as follows:

  1. to assist in inputting data and to customize the user experience according to individual customersí usage in connection with services for members of the website or smartphone apps.
  2. to customize website according to usage of individual customers; and

* The Company shall use cookies only for the purpose of providing services to customers and for the analysis of users. Cookies shall not be used for any other purpose. In addition, the Company shall not use cookies linked to personal information.


This refers to information which is mutually exchanged for efficient management of internet between the web server and the web browser of the customer. Cookie may be stored as files on the hard disk of the customer's computer.

Information provided by customers through the use of cookies may include data on attributes such as age, gender, occupation, and area of residence that cannot be used to identify an individual customer (only attributes that cannot identify an individual customer even when combined with other attributes); device information; a userís activity history on the Companyís website (URLs accessed, content, browsing order, etc.); and location information based on user consent and applications submitted when using smartphones and other devices. However, cookies do not contain any personal information such as e-mail addresses or names.

Customer may refuse to receive cookies, but in this case, please understand that some of the services provided by the Company on this website may cease to be available.

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Concerning Access Logs

In this website, the information about the customer's computer is recorded as access logs. The company shall use access logs mainly for the following purposes:

  1. to detect causes of problem which arises in web server, and to solve it;
  2. to improve the website to satisfy customers more; and
  3. to use information, such as analysis of website usage, as statistical document in which customer is not identified.
  4. to assist in inputting data and to customize the information displayed according to individual customersí usage based on a customerís activity history and other data prior to login, when customers log in to the website or to services for members using their member information.

Access Logs

This refers to information which includes domain name and IP address that are used by customer to access to website, file accessed, type of OS and browser and time when access is recorded, etc.

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Concerning Protection of Private Information in Linked Website

This website shows links to other companies' websites to offer useful and beneficent information and services to customers. The Company shall not assume any responsibility for collection of personal information through linked website. Please use these links at customer's own responsibility.

Announced on February 15, 2016