Logistics Facilities Accelerating Development of Advanced Logistics Facilities to Respond to Diversifying Values

In recent years, the demand for more efficient logistics facilities has been increasing. To meet the demand, Mitsui Fudosan will continue to develop and provide advanced logistics facilities. We will work as a true partner to solve the challenges of each customer by connecting various people, goods and things to deliver optimized solutions. Our aim is to offer new value by contributing not only to the economy and a more affluent society, but also to the neighborhood creation.
In order to achieve our mission statement of “Tomoni, Tsunagu. Tomoni, Umidasu.”,we aim to create new values by sharing our future visions on logistics business with our customers. Through our logistics business, we will continue to contribute to our clients and furthermore, enrich this nation's economy and living.

  • Tokai
  • kanto
  • kinki
  • Kyushu/Okinawa

Logistics Facilities Main Projects

Kanto Area

  • Tokyo Rail Gate EAST
  • Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park FunabashiⅠ
  • Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Hino

Kinki Area

  • Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Ibaraki

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