1973 Brazil - Condominium development.
Mitsui Fudosan (USA) was established.
1974 San Diego - Palomar Airport Business Park (a 354-acre industrial park) development was started.
1979 Los Angeles - AT&T Center (42-storey office building) was acquired. *Sold in 1999
1984 Honolulu - Halekulani Hotel (16-storey and 453 rooms) was opened.
1986 New York - 1251 Avenue of the Americas was acquired.
1987 Honolulu - Waikiki Parc Hotel, Washington DC - Demonet Building *1, New Jersey - Bedminster One *2 were acquired.
*1 Sold in 1998
*2 Sold in 1988
1988 San Francisco - 505 Montgomery construction was completed. *Sold in 1999
Honolulu - Amfac Center was acquired. *Sold in 2001
New York - 461 5th Avenue was opened. *Sold in 2003
1991 Los Angeles - Figueroa at Wilshire construction was completed. *Sold in 1999
2000 Mitsui Fudosan America, Inc. was established.
2006 Washington DC - 1090 Vermont Avenue was acquired. *Sold in 2013
2007 San Francisco - 180 Montgomery was acquired. *Sold in 2013
New York - 100 William Street Building was acquired. *Sold in 2013
2008 New York - 527 Madison Avenue was acquired.
In 2010, this property received the 2009-2010 Operating Building of the Year Award.
2009 Washington DC - 700 6th Building construction was completed. *Sold in 2011
2012 Washington DC - Homer Building was acquired.
Washington DC - 1200 17th Street development land was acquired.
2013 New York - 1160 Madison Avenue participation.
San Francisco Branch was established.
2014 San Francisco - 270 Brannan Street development land was acquired.
Washington DC - 1200 17th Street construction was completed.
New York 55 Hudson Yards Project(tentative name) participation.
Seattle- West Edge Towerparticipation.
New York-525 West 52nd Street Projectparticipation.
2015 San Francisco- O&Mparticipation.
2016 San Francisco- 270 Brannan Streetconstruction was completed.
2017 Washington DC- 4000 North Fairfax Drive development
project (tentative name)participation.
New York - 50 Hudson Yards Project(tentative name) participation.
Walnut Creek - Walnut Creek Transit Village (tentative name) development planning participation.
San Francisco - 22 Texas (tentative name) development planning participation.
2018 Washington DC - Robinson Landing participation.
Washington DC - 1630 Colombia Road (tentative name) participation.

International Projects

Robinson Landing

Mitsui Fudosan’s first built-for-sale housing in the Washington DC area. Located in Old Town of Alexandria, which is designated as a historical preservation area and positioned in a good location with an attractive view of the Potomac River. A mixed-use development arranging stores within the condominium and townhome project. (Construction expected to be completed in 2020).

1630 Colombia Road

Rental housing situated in the Adams Morgan area, which is popular among trend-conscious young people. (Construction expected to be completed in 2021)

Walnut Creek Transit Village (tentative name)

Rental housing located in Walnut Creek, a prime residential area with one of the leading shopping malls in the San Francisco Bay area. Four buildings planned in total, two on each of two blocks aligned north and south. Stores with a high level of convenience for daily life are planned to be invited to rent the space. (Construction expected to be completed in 2020)

22 Texas(tentative name)

Rental housing located in an area approx. two kilometers south of San Francisco’s industrial center, Union Square Park. Three buildings, two residential buildings arranged on an east-west axis, and a commercial building. (Construction expected to be completed in April 2019).

50 Hudson Yards Project (tentative name)

Office development business for Hudson Yards, a large-scale redevelopment project with approx. 1.1 hectares on Manhattan Midtown’s west side. The project is one of Manhattan’s largest standalone office building developments, with a total floor area of approx. 2,793,000 ft2 (approx. 260,000 m2 ).

4000 North Fairfax Drive development project (tentative name)

This is Mitsui Fudosan’s first rental apartment project in the Washington DC area. It is conveniently located in a mature residential area about 15 minutes by subway from central DC.

525 West 52nd Street

New York - Rental housing development business with 392 units located in the Clinton district was completed in May 2017.

West Edge Tower

West Edge Tower is a high-rise rental apartment building (39 stories above ground with approximately 340 units) in downtown Seattle. Located in between a high-rise office building district and a commercial area, it was completed in April 2018.


650 Indiana Street is a rental housing development project in San Francisco of approximately 116 units. Located in the Dogpatch district, about two kilometers south of Union Square at the heart of the city’s commercial area, it is scheduled for completion in August 2017.

55 Hudson Yards Project(tentative name)

Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan has been undergoing redevelopment in recent years as part of a development project for a 51-story building with a floor space of 1,265,700 ft2 (approx. 117,600 m2) which will be used mainly for offices. Completion is scheduled for 2018.

270 Brannan Street

270 Brannan Development Project is located in the east of San Francisco’s SOMA (South of Market) district, which is in high demand these days among companies in the IT and other industries.
It is an office building complex with two wings, North and South, providing 181,461 square feet (approx. 16,858 m2) in rentable space, and was completed in February 2016.

160 Madison Avenue

Located in Manhattan, NOMAD area. This project is to redevelop an office building into a 42 story rental apartment of 318 units.

1200 17th Street

This project is located in the CBD of Washington D.C.. A development project of 11 stories office building was completed in September 2014.

Homer Building (acquired in 2012)

The Homer Building is located at the heart of Washington DC just three blocks from the White House. Connected directly with the Metro Center station with access to three Metrorail subway lines, it has superb transportation links. The building is primarily characterized by a monumental exterior that preserves part of the historical architecture and an art gallery-like lobby with a vaulted ceiling.

1251 Avenue of the Americas (acquired in 1986)

This skyscraper is one of the buildings of the Rockefeller Center in central Manhattan. Following acquisition of the building in 1986, Mitsui Fudosan’s ongoing management and remodeling efforts have been highly regarded. In 1998, Mitsui Fudosan won the Building Owners and Managers Association’s (BOMA) top U.S. award in the renovated building category. Tenants include top corporations such as major financial companies and law firms.

Halekulani Hotel (opened in 1984; 453 guest rooms)

Redeveloped by Mitsui Fudosan, the Halekulani has come to be considered by guests, the local community, industry, and the media alike as one of the world’s top hotels because of its top-class facilities and superior services aimed at meeting the needs of each individual guest. Mitsui Fudosan is continuing its challenge to further improve the hotel not only by ensuring proper maintenance, but by carrying out various upgrade projects, opening new spa facilities, and taking other steps that create new value.

Waikiki Parc Hotel (opened in 1987; 297 guest rooms)

A sister hotel adjacent to the Halekulani, the Waikiki Parc is highly regarded by a wide range of guests from families to businesspersons for its sophisticated service, convenient location, and casual, relaxing atmosphere.