1972 Singapore† - TID Pte. Ltd., a joint venture with Hong Leong Group was established.
1973 Thailand - Boonmitr building was acquired. *Sold in 2003
1988 China - The Garden Hotel in Xi’an was opened.*2005 Management rights were transferred
2005 China - Shanghai Liaison Office was established.
2008 Singapore - St. Regis Hotel & Residences was opened.
2009 China - Mitsui Fudosan (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. was established.
2010 China - Tianjin Eco-City Housing Project participation.
China - Mitsui Fudosan Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established.
2011 China - Dalian Software Park Phase 2 participation.
China - Mitsui Fudosan Consulting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established.
China - Shanjing Outlet Plaza-Ningbo construction was completed.
China - The Hong Kong branch was established.
China - Haoshi Fengxiang Yuan participation.
2013 China - LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao (tentative name) commercialization was decided.
Indonesia - Citra Raya construction was started.
2014 Thailand - Ideo Q Chula-Samyan participation.
Malaysia - THE MEWS was started.
Malaysia - GEO RESIDENCES was started.
Indonesia - Citra Garden City / Citra Lake Suites participation.
Thailand - Ideo Q Siam-Ratchathewi participation
2015 Thailand - Asthon Asoke construction was started.
Thailand - Asthon Chula-Silom participation.
Malaysia - Conlay Place participation.
Malaysia - MITSUI OUTLET PARK KLIA SEPANG construction was opened.
Thailand - Q Chidlom-Phetchaburi construction to start.
2016 Thailand - Ideo O2 construction to start. (planned)
Taiwan - MITSUI OUTLET PARK LINKOU construction was opened.
Malaysia - Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Kuala Lumpur (tentative name) participation.
Thailand - Ideo Q Chula-Samyan construction was completed.
Thailand - Ideo Mobi Asoke, Ideo Sukhumvit 93 and Ideo Mobi Sukhumvit 66 participations.
Taiwan - Mitsui Outlet Park Taichung Port (tentative name) commercialization was decided.
2017 Taiwan - Hotel business participation.
Taiwan - LaLaport project was decided.
Philippines - The Arton participation.
Thailand - Seven condominium projects participation.
Thailand - Mitsui Fudosan Asia (Thailand) established.
2018 China - Lianhua Road Station Building Retail Facilities (tentative name) participation was decided.
Taiwan - Sanchong Zhongxing Bridge Project (tentative name) participation was decided.

International Projects


Lianhua Road Station Building Retail Facilities (tentative name)

Joint redevelopment of subway station building with Shanghai Metro, owner and operator of the Shanghai subway system. Mitsui Fudosan Groupís first overseas retail facilities in a station building.

LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao (tentative name)

Mitsui Fudosan’s first LaLaport shopping mall overseas. The Pudong New Area, the development site for the mall, has seen the construction of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport and a maglev train line. It is an area of rising interest that is undergoing development as a gateway to the eastside of Shanghai.

Shanjing Outlet Plaza-Ningbo (Opening 2011, Expansion 2015)

The Shanjing Outlet Plaza-Ningbo is the first fully fledged outlet mall in Ningbo. With approximately 130 tenant stores, the mall is rich in variety. The facility is designed in a circuit, a well-known format in Japan, to enable customers to shop around easily, while presenting a space that Chinese customers will feel at home in. Local staff operate the facility, aiming to provide a safe, clean, secure environment.

Haoshi Fengxiang Yuan (condominiums and retail facilities)

Haoshi Fengxiang Yuan in Nanxiang, Jiading District is one of the three largest suburbs under development in Shanghai. Nanxiang is a suburb located just outside the central district of Shanghai and a gateway to the Jiading District in the northwestern part of the city.


Sanchong Zhongxing Bridge Project (tentative name)

Mitsui Fudosan Group and Panasonic Groupís first built-for-sale housing joint venture in Taiwan. Situated in a rezoning district approx. 1.8 miles (3 km) from Taipei Station in the center of the city.

Mitsui Outlet Park Taichung Port (Tentative name. Construction starts 2017. Scheduled to open 2018)

Mitsui Fudosan is planning for the second Mitsui Outlet Park in Taiwan, located approximately 22 kilometers northwest of central Taipei. The planned site is located in a highly convenient area with good access to the airport, a ferry terminal and major roads. It will invite a wide variety of fashion brands with approximately 150 shops to become one of the largest full-scale outlet malls in central Taiwan.


The mall is located in the center of the Linkou Special Zone, whose development the New Taipei City government is promoting. Leveraging its location, 30 minutes by car from central Taipei and about 20 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport, Mitsui Fudosan aims to develop a retail facility catering to a wide range of customers and their needs.


The Arton

The project will be a large-scale multi-use integrated projected with the residential property comprising three buildings and an adjacent retail facility on an expansive site of approx. 1.8 ha. The planned site is located adjacent to three famous universities in an area that attracts attention as the location of hospitals and advanced research organizations.


St. Regis Hotel & Residences (condominiums), Singapore (planned completion 2008)

Located near Orchard Road in Singapore, St. Regis Hotel & Residences is a mixed-use project that combines a luxury hotel and high-end residences. This project is being executed in Singapore through TID Pte. Ltd., a joint-venture company that was established in partnership with Mitsui Fudosan and the Hong Leong Group and has focused on condominium development for over 40 years.


Conlay Place (condominiums)

This is a high-rise condominium project (totaling 298 units in the 29-story east tower and the 39-story west tower) in a central part of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur that has undergone development in recent years as a luxury residential area. This is the second joint project conducted with Eastern & Oriental Berhad, which has been involved in many luxury condominium developments in central Kuala Lumpur.

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Kuala Lumpur
(Tentative name. Construction starts 2017. Scheduled to open 2021)

Mitsui Fudosan will develop and operate the retail facility component of the Bukit Bintang City Center Project, a large-scale, redevelopment comprising retail, office, residential, hotel and other properties planned for the central business district of Kuala Lumpur. This redevelopment project is being advanced by Uda Holdings Berhad and BBCC Development Sendirian Berhad.


The first project in Southeast Asia in which Mitsui Fudosan took a controlling interest. The mall is located conveniently alongside a thoroughfare connecting downtown with Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

GEO RESIDENCES (condominiums)

GEO RESIDENCES is a 472-unit residential project conducted jointly with Sunway Bhd., one of Malaysia’s biggest developers, in Sunway Resort City, a large-scale development project that Sunway has been carrying out in Daerah Petaling (a district adjacent to the capital Kuala Lumpur, whose center lies approx. 15 kilometers away).

THE MEWS (condominiums)

The Mitsui Fudosan Group’s first housing development project in Malaysia. These condominiums, within walking distance of the Petronas Twin Towers, are located within convenient access to transportation.


Ideo Q Victory
Ashton Asoke-Rama 9
Ideo Q Sukhumvit 36
Elio Del Nest
Ideo New Rama 9
Ideo Mobi Rangnam
Elio Del Moss

Built-for-sale housing venture in Bangkok, Thailand. Located in Victory Monument, Phra Ram 9, and Thong Lo districts of central Bangkok, as well as the Udomsuk district in southeastern Bangkok, the Ramkhamhaeng district in northeastern Bangkok, and the Chatuchak district in northern Bangkok. All are located in areas that have earned strong reputations as residential districts.

Ideo Mobi Asoke

Ideo Mobi Asoke is engaged in a 37-story housing development project with 507 units (planned) in the Petchaburi area where the Japanese Embassy was once situated and well-known for its thriving high-rise condominium developments in recent years.

Ideo Sukhumvit 93

Ideo Sukhumvit 93 is engaged in a 35-story housing development project with 1,332 units (planned) in the Bangchak district in the southeastern part of Bangkok with many dining and retail facilities nearby.

Ideo Mobi Sukhumvit 66

Engaged in a 28-story housing development project with 298 units (planned) in the Udom Suk district in the southeastern part of Bangkok, attracting attention due to large developments such as the Bangkok Mall, a large-scale retail facility (as yet unopened)

Q Chidlom-Phetchaburi (Condomiums)

This condominium project with 42 floors and 352 apartments is situated adjacent to the Chidlom area, one of the most prestigious districts in Bangkok.

Ideo O2 (Condominiums)

This is a large-scale development planned to have 1,559 apartments (two 34-floor towers and on 33-floor tower). It is situated in the Bang Na district in southeastern Bangkok, which is attracting attention for its future potential due to the proposed extension of the BTS Skytrain.

Asthon Chula-Silom (condominiums)

Asthon Chula-Silom is a 56-floor, 1,180-unit housing development project located in the Silom-Sathorn area of central Bangkok with convenient access to transportation.

Ashton Asoke (condominiums)

Ashton Asoke, a 50-story housing development project with 783 units, is located in the Sukhumvit area, one of Bangkok’s most desirable residential areas.

Ideo Q Siam-Ratchathewi (condominiums)

Ideo Q Siam-Ratchathewi is a housing development project adjacent to the Siam commercial area, Bangkok’s principal commercial area, and features 36 stories and 550 units.

Ideo Q Chula-Samyan (condominiums)

The Mitsui Fudosan Group’s first housing development project in Thailand. The project site is located next to the Silom-Sathorn area, at the heart of the Thai capital Bangkok’s central business district, with convenient access to transportation.


Citra Garden City / Citra Lake Suites (condominiums)
Citra Raya(detached homes)

The Mitsui Fudosan Group’s first housing development project in Indonesia. Citra Garden City / Citra Lake Suites, a residential project, and the CitraRaya subdivision in the Ecopolis Block, a detached homes project, are under development.