Office Buildings "Mitsui Office" provides new value by reaching beyond the boundaries of traditional concepts of office design.

Ideas and vitality are born of person-to-person encounters. A new era of offices is emerging, driven by this dynamic energy. We have a vision: Personnel, organizations, and communities interacting in a variety of ways, creating new bonds that multiply the potential of the office.
This vision has been the inspiration and foundation for the creation of office buildings that go beyond state-of-the-art and the development of communities that mature with age.
Our pursuit of "sustainability and safety," "amenities and efficiency" and "expansion and innovation" aims to provide hundreds of thousands of people, working for thousands of organizations in Offices by Mitsui Fudosan, with venues where they can enjoy a variety of ways to spend time on and off the job. This will pave the way for more rewarding lifestyles.
Progress and innovation: Developing next generation offices that realize unlimited potential.
Creating a flourishing future is our job.

  • Hokkaido
  • Tohoku
  • Tokai
  • Hokuriku
  • Kinki
  • Chugoku
  • Kyushu/Okinawa
  • Kanto

Office Buildings Main Projects

Kanto Area

  • Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
  • Mitsui Main Building
  • Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building
  • Muromachi Chibagin Mitsui Building
  • Muromachi Higashi Mitsui Building
  • Nihonbashi 1-chome Mitsui Building
  • Nihonbashi Astellas Mitsui Building
  • Gran Tokyo North Tower
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Head Office Building
  • Kasumigaseki Building
  • Shiodome City Center
  • Gate City Osaki
  • Iidabashi Grand Bloom
  • Jimbocho Mitsui Building
  • Shinjuku Mitsui Building
  • Tokyo Midtown
  • Akasaka Biz Tower
  • MAR'S Minami-Aoyama
  • Yokohama Mitsui Building
  • World Business Garden

Hokkaido Area

  • Sapporo Mitsui JP Building

Tohoku Area

  • Sendai Hon-cho Mitsui Building

Tokai Area

  • Nagoya Mitsui Building Main Building
  • Nagoya Mitsui Building New Building

Kinki Area

  • Nakanoshima Mitsui Building
  • Yodoyabashi Mitsui Building
  • Kyoto Mitsui Building

Chugoku Area

  • Hiroshima Train Vert Building

Kyushu/Okinawa Area

  • Acros Fukuoka
  • Hakata Mitsui Building

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